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Jeff Daniel’s not only sells new and used parts, but we are a full service Jeep shop that installs the parts we sell. Jeff Daniel’s technicians (which, by the way are all Jeep enthusiasts themselves) know firsthand which parts are quality and fit each application and which parts are not! Beyond customizing and general service options for your Jeep, Jeff Daniel’s also offers a full restoration program. Again, since every customer has a different idea on the level of restoration needed on their Jeep, Jeff Daniel’s offers anywhere between a full frame-up all the way down to a patch up job. Once the customer is educated on the different levels of restorations available they then have the knowledge to make their own decision that fits their needs.

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Suggested Products for Your Jeep

  • 4BT Vacuum and Power Steering Pump Combo

    Supplies the vacuum needed for braking and climate control (in some vehicles) and power steering


  • 4BT Ford to AX-15

    Ford bolt pattern 4BT to AX-15 Transmission


  • 4BT Chevy to Chevy NV4500 '93-'95

    Chevy bolt pattern 4BT to a 1993-1995 Chevy NV4500


  • 4BT Crank Ring Exciter Kit - original 4.0 liter Jeep

    Designed to run the stock Jeep gauges in conjunction with the Cam kit


  • 4BT Dodge Flywheel

    Dodge style flywheel


  • 4BT Clutch Fan Kits

    Engine cooling fan **UNDER DEVELOPMENT NOT YET FOR SALE**

  • 4BT Ford Bell Housing

    Ford bolt pattern bell housing


  • 4BT Chevy Flywheel Housing Adapter

    Chevy bolt pattern flywheel housing, also called an adapter plate


  • 4BT Chevy to Chevy NV4500 '96-03

    Chevy bolt pattern 4BT to a 1996-2003 Chevy NV4500


  • 4BT downpipe style 1

    This downpipe is designed for use where the turbo is close to the firewall. This has an immediate 90 degree bend where is connects to the turbo.


  • 4BT Chevy to AX-15

    Chevy bolt pattern 4BT to AX-15 Transmission


  • 4BT Dodge Flywheel Housing Adapter

    Dodge bolt pattern flywheel housing, also called an adapter plate


  • 4BT Fuel Pump Conversion

    Designed to work with the electric in tank fuel pump found in late YJ's, TJ's and JK's.


  • 4BT Ford to NV3550

    Ford bolt pattern 4BT to NV3550 Transmission


  • 4BT Air Compressor / Alternator Mount - 1

    The A/C kit is required if you wish to keep your factory air conditioning, there are 2 different style kits depending on what style compressor you have. This kit includes our belt tensioner as well.



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